All Star Partner was awarded the title of "Top 10 Employers of Excellence" in Chinese sports industry by Chinese media Eco Sports.

All Star Partner was awarded the title of "Top 10 Employers of Excellence" in Chinese sports industry by Chinese media Eco Sports.




At the very beginning of the year, China's most influential sports industry media and talent service platform Eco Sports (体育产业生态圈) posted a list of top ten employers of excellence in Chinese sports industry. The assessment was based on criteria including the amount of positions, the number of resumes received, the time of dealing with resumes, the number of employees contracted and employees' degree of satisfaction, etc., and the data was collected by Eco Sports' subordinate professional recruitment platform Sports Circle Recruitment (体育圈人).

Among the list is All Star Partner, a company focused on branding strategy and commercial development for international sports stars and clubs in China.

The human resource manager of All Star Partner is quite glad to see the result, and said they should keep on hardworking, "Our mission is to help global sports stars and clubs to build successful businesses in China. We are happy to have built a young talented team and sharing the development achievement with each of our coworkers".

Some of the other nine companies on the list of "Top 10 Employers of Excellence" are: Ali Sports who is held by Chinese E-Business tycoon Alibaba, Sina Sports which is the first internet sports media platform in China, and PP Sports, exclusive live broadcaster of La Liga in China.


All Star Partner awarded as "Top 10 Employers of Excellence"